The Health Benefits of Vitamin D Coffee

Our Colombian roast coffee is a Vitamin D coffee online that Endure Coffee created out of an understanding. Coffee is a miraculous product that first was believed to have been discovered/consumed in the early 15th century with some accounts dating even further back where mention of an invigorating concoction can be seen. It remains to be seen whether these mystics and farmers were referencing the discovery of coffee, but we imagine that if you’ve never had coffee, you never forget your first caffeine buzz.

In an ancient world where only that which exists in nature is there for consumption, the invigorating effects of coffee and caffeine could seem like power from the gods themselves. The reputation of coffee as something that grants us power has persisted even to this day.

Endure Coffee Co. is a testament to that concept. Our Colombian Roast coffee takes it one step further and introduced Vitamin D to our coffee.

The Health Benefits of Vitamin D in Your Coffee

Vitamin D was once thought to be just another vitamin by the general public. While all vitamins play a role in the body, Vitamin D has the distinction of seemingly being more than “just” a vitamin. Vitamin D is involved in thousands of interactions in the body. A vitamin is a nutrient the body cannot produce. Scientifically, Vitamin D is actually considered a prohormone because it can be acquired through sun exposure.

Some commonly cited benefits of Vitamin D are as follows:

· Improved bone health through allowing better absorption of calcium in the gut

· Reduces inflammation in the body

· Improving immune function and cognitive health

· Assists with regulating insulin levels

· May help prevent many different types of cancer

And many more!

A Convenient Way to Get Vitamin D

It used to be most individuals received enough Vitamin D from the sunlight, but in our modern society, hanging out periodically in the sun isn’t feasible for many people who spend much of their time indoors working. Our understanding of the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure in relationship to cancer development also makes the prospect of getting Vitamin D strictly through sun exposure less appealing.

If only there was something that most people did right at the start of the day that could ensure they got adequate Vitamin D intake…

Oh wait.

How many people look forward to that first cup of coffee in the morning? That would be an excellent place to start. Endure Coffee Co’s Colombian Roast coffee features 500IU of Vitamin D per serving. Whether you’re the type to savor one cup of coffee or have 3-4 a day, our perfectly balanced roast is bolstered by the numerous health benefits of Vitamin D.

The recommended intake of Vitamin D is set at the upper level of 4000 IU a day, but the NIH estimates that only about 600IU is required for adults. This puts our coffee in the sweet spot to hit your daily numbers without going under or over too much.

Vitamin D Coffee Online

Endure Coffee Co sells our Vitamin D coffee online so that anyone can get their hands on it! For the parent, the athlete, the student, the hustler, whoever you are, if you’re on a mission, this coffee is for you.

Check out with our Vitamin D3 Colombian Coffee. Love our coffee? Save cash by buying in bulk with our 8 bag case!

Got questions for us? Drop us a line today.

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